The brand JULIANA GEVAERD explores broad and elegant forms; textures of yarn, embroidery and stamping; many flax, silk, cotton and technological fibers; creativity and innovation in the characteristics that accompany fluid and timeless concepts in 20 years of fashionable history.


Stylist ahead of their female clothing brand, JULIANA GEVAERD knows the numerous possibilities that the woofs provide. The process of experimentation and breaking of pre-established concepts, together with the creativity that mixes its raw material, always suggests something innovative in the development of parts for own brand and private label production nationally and internationally.



In partnership with Natural Cotton Color (NCC) - pioneer producer of cotton that is born colorful and with special yarns for the industrial weaving of the straight stitch - the brand increases its portfolio and receives in its first collection of organic products, the name of Zeitgeist (‘Spirit of time’), which represents the new mix of products developed by the designer.


Originating in Paraíba, the non-irrigated raw material generates savings of 85.5% of the production chain, making the product sustainable due to the reduction in consumption of water and other dyeing components.

As a primordial aspect in the development of the pieces, the use of manual machinery, a method almost extinct, primarly in the city of São Paulo, has been gaining more prominence for not generating leftovers or discards of yarn, which is sustainable knitting.

To compose the care in production, JULIANA GEVAERD has always been ahead of the use of rustic silk yarns, those that would be discarded by the industry. Another highlight in her knitting is the botanical dyeing of the Brazilian flora, among embroidery and use of fibers as a linen, allied to a singular and daring signature of the designer, that aims to add more sustainable threads in their collections.

We encourage sustainable agriculture. The silk threads used by the brand are made by natural processes, with the minimum intervention of machinery. The spinning is done in a handmade way and the colors are made with vegetable dyeing from plants and compounds.

We seek in threads and techniques of universal tradition, reading for clothes with quality and aesthetic skills that are meant to be used in the real world.

We appreciate working with artisans who understand and share this passion for fabric and fabric quality.

We believe in clothing as a thought, where good design is about living with style.

We try to make earth-friendly decisions whenever we can and we believe in the small details.

We work together as a great intertwined network to help build an exciting future.