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Click "buy" on the chosen product page and see delivery options by placing your zip code in the "Simulate Shipping" field. You can choose SEDEX, SEDEX 10 or even withdraw from the store (if you do not have the time and want to reserve your order).

You can choose to receive your order in the comfort of home through the Correios (via PAC or Sedex) or withdraw it in our physical store. The value for delivery will be calculated according to the place of delivery, weight and volume of the product packaged according to the table of values of the Correios. To withdraw in the store you must check the option "Withdraw on the spot" when finalizing the purchase here in the site. * For urgent delivery, please contact us (through the email and we will instruct you the fastest way to complete the order.


The average delivery period informed by the Correios must be added to the payment confirmation period by the banking institution (which may be immediate or take up to 3 business days, especially in the case of bank slips), more 1 business day for order processing by JULIANA GEVAERD. In the case of urgency, payments made via TED or cash deposit through Caixa Econômica Federal, are confirmed the same day (choose "Bank Transfer" at the end of your request).

Our team is committed to reducing processing time to a minimum so that you receive the purchased product quickly, especially on commemorative dates. Be sure to make notes in the "Customer Note" field if there is an urgent need to send.

The delivery time of the Correios will be determined considering the region and chosen delivery method (Sedex or PAC), which can take from 1 to 10 business days for delivery. Simulate your deadline here using our zip code: 01423-001.

Delivery attempts: there will be 3 (three) delivery attempts on consecutive days, the first on the same date of arrival in the distribution unit. The order will be available for delivery to the agency closest to the address of the recipient for 7 (seven) consecutive days, after which it will be returned to the sender.


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